THE VALUES OF THE OCEAN AND COASTS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” September 2018. The Greenwich Maritime Centre (GMC) is pleased to announce its second international conference on the theme ‘Society and the Sea’. A first call for papers will be issued in November 2017 and abstracts will be drawn from an international audience.

Dr Tim Stojanovic “Environmental Governance of the Oceans“, Tuesday 3rd April 2018. Event in the series of seminars for the 2017-2018 academic year run jointly between the Royal Geographic Society’s Coastal and Marine Research Group and The Greenwich Maritime Centre.

Dr Cathryn Pearce “From Stem to Stern: Celebrating the ‘Wonder’ of Maritime History” on Wednesday 21st February 2018;  Seminary of the Royal Geographic Society’s Coastal and Marine Research Group and The Greenwich Maritime Centre


The State of Maritime History Research (University of Greenwich, 9 September 2017)  The conference will bring together key contributors from within the broad field of maritime history, as well as those who write on maritime and coastal topics, but do not consider themselves maritime historians.

CHAM International conference in Lisbon, 12-15 July 2017  The III CHAM International Conference will be held in Lisbon, July 2017, and its main theme is “Oceans and Shores: Heritage, People and Environment”. This third edition is part of CHAM’s programme within the UNESCO Chair “The Oceans Cultural Heritage”.

Aquatic Animals and Monsters of the Northern Seas: imagination, knowledge, exploitation (31 May-3 Jun 2017 Cerisy-la-Salle, France). The Colloquium is devoted to the history of fish, aquatic monsters and mammals in the northern seas (the English Channel, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea, the North Atlantic), from antiquity to 1600.

1st. INTERNATIONAL MEETING HISTORIES OF NATURE AND ENVIRONMENTS: PERSPECTIVES AND DIALOGUES (March 15-17, 2017) – discussing multiple aspects of this relation with specific focus on the way natural world was seen interpreted and handled by people throughout time.

Graphic Growth: Discovering, Drawing, and Understanding Nature in the Early Modern World, Session at CAA 2017 (College Art Association Annual Conference), New York, NY, 15. – 18. Februar 2017– This panel explores how drawing and related graphic media were used to gain insight into nature during the early modern period. Naturalists and artists faced a natural world in expansion, which they sought to describe in detail as new realms of natural history




Underwater Worlds, An interdisciplinary conference at the University of Oxford, 15-16 September 2015